You can expect exceptional output and a healthy return on your investment for every application you create with the Xerox Nuvera® 100/120/144/157 Production System. It offers all the capabilities you need to wrap up every job professionally: outstanding monochrome imaging quality, three highly efficient speeds (100, 120, 144 and 157 impressions per minute), power, productivity, modularity and a wide range of finishing options.

With the Xerox Nuvera® 100/120/144/157 Production System, you can customize our product to fit your business. Since it’s flexible, scalable and customizable, the possibilities are many.

Take your business to rewarding new levels with the Xerox Nuvera® 200/288/314 Perfecting Production System. This easy-to-use, flexible system is built on a strong foundation of exceptional image quality, speed, efficiency and productivity to get your business growing.

Essential Elements That Deliver For You

Color can do so much more than enhance the look of your document. It can help you reach your business goals. Adding color enables you to draw the viewers’ eye to where you need its attention—so you have the opportunity to make very page of your document do its job faster and more effectively. The DocuTech® 128/155/180 HighLight Color Systems multiply that opportunity with high-speed black-plus-onecolor printing. The results? Increased response rates and new applications.

Comparable to the price of monochrome, the Xerox® DocuTech 128/155/180 HighLight Color Systems provide you with the power and flexibility to create high-value, high-impact applications.

Xerox® DocuTech® Production Publisher. When the job calls for high-volume monochrome production with promising image quality, mixed stocks and feeding and finishing versatility, there’s still just one name you need to know... DocuTech.

Books or booklets. Manuals and catalogs. Flyers and brochures. Pre-printed color inserts. Even transactional documents like statements, invoices and Explanations of Benefits (EOBs). DocuTech is up to the task thanks to its ability to handle multiple data streams, multiple stocks and multiple finishing requirements.

Transaction printing and publishing is a real-time business. Statements, invoices and other transaction driven notications have time stamps and delivery windows that can turn the stress meter up to 11.

Each DocuPrint® EPS can be tailored to meet unique customer requirements through value-added solution options. Whether you need Variable data Intelligent PostScript Printware (VIPP®) for efficient variable data PostScript® or Xerox and Xerox Business Partner solutions to manage your workflow without changing your applications, there is a DocuPrint EPS solution to suit your enterprise.